John is The One. Really.

John is The One. Really. He and his team have helped us purchase our home in San Francisco as well as sell our home 5 years later. In both instances, he has gone above and beyond.
1) I cannot say enough about his knowledge about all aspects of SF real estate. Because he has such a detailed, nuance understanding of all aspects of SF real estate, he is able to advise in all aspects: buying, selling, renting, investment. We looked into purchasing investment property which we decided against because we have since moved to a different state, but he was the right person to have on our team in that process as well.
2) He is dedicated. While we were working with him on the sale of our home, he had a very difficult family event occur. He shared with us what had happened. He told us that work helps him to heal. He did not miss a beat. He was super responsive, present, and continued to make us feel that we were his top priority. We were wowed.
3) Most importantly, he really gets to know you. By the time we were done with the purchase of our home 5 years ago, he felt like family. This is so important!! Because he got to know our wants, our hopes for our family. He got to know our communication styles, but also our dysfunctions. My husband and I are Very different.
John was able to navigate that respectfully, professionally, patiently allowing us to come to decisions together.
4) He is patient. There was never a sense of rush during the purchase of our home, the consideration of purchase of an investment property, or the sale of our home. This is an incredible plus as we have worked with other real estate agents who seem to want to push you into decisions. We never felt that this was the case with John.
5) His team. We worked closely with George who filled the role of John’s right hand person so well. He helped coordinate the cleaning, staging, fixing up of our home before the sale. He even helped us move some of our things! He is kind, smart, and really on it as well.
Besides George, John has in his pocket, contractors, stagers, painters, designers. They are all top notch and good people. A find in San Francisco.
This is a long review, but it doesn’t come close to speaking to all of the love that I have for John and his team. John is the one!  
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