After two decades of enjoying living in San Francisco’s Cathedral Hill, my clients George and Patricia contacted me about selling their 3-bedroom co-op apartment. We walked through the unit and discussed the best ways to position their property in this competitive market. A few short weeks after they signed the listing agreement and applied for the Compass Concierge program, a moving company emptied the apartment and the property preparation began.

Compass Concierge is an exclusive offering by Compass which helps our sellers prepare their property for sale by offering a 0% loan to cover upfront costs. The program is available to clients who have a signed listing agreement, an acceptable credit history and equity in the home that is at least two times the amount being borrowed. 

We ordered new appliances and brought in vendors to paint, to replace flooring, and to install new carpet, new tile and new bathroom vanities, counters and fixtures using the Compass Concierge debit card.  We mobilized our team of vendors and completed a substantial refresh of the home within a few short weeks. 

Because the kitchen is usually the most important room in the house, the kitchen received the most dramatic transformation. We refloored the kitchen, installed new fixtures and appliances, and painted the custom cabinets. 

Before                                                                               After

The bathrooms also received a significant facelift. New vanities, plumbing fixtures, counters and flooring were brought into the main bathroom, creating remarkable results.

Before                                                                               After

Main Bathroom finished project.

The entire unit was re-carpeted, painted and staged. A few light fixtures were swapped out.  Despite certain challenges with product availability, everything was finished within 54 days after our clients were approved for the Compass Concierge program. 

By the end of the project, improvements totalling $49,833 were paid through the Compass Concierge program. We received multiple offers and went into contract with a non-contingent offer at a purchase price that was $60,000 over the list price– after less than 2 weeks on the market!

The most gratifying result is that we were able to meet our deadline and allow George and Patricia to start a new chapter in life with more money than they expected, thanks largely to my team, our trusted vendors and the Compass Concierge program. 

For more information about The Compass Concierge program and how we can help you sell your home faster and for more money, give me a call!



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