From John Solaegui, Founder of The Haven Group:

Over the past 18 years as a real estate advisor, I’ve represented hundreds of families, but a few years ago, I realized I had to form a team that shared my values of integrity, diligence and generosity of spirit to be the most trusted resources for our clients. When I founded the Haven Group, I chose individuals with talents so remarkable that they stuck out from the ordinary crowd. Read about them at the “Meet Our Team” page. What does that mean to you? We act more quickly, market more masterfully, and get what you’re after more effectively than a solitary agent could ever do!

As a long-time subscriber at the San Francisco Symphony, I’m inspired by the musicians who practice daily to hone their craft. When the orchestra performs in unison, it creates a product that is bigger than each individual’s contribution. This is how I feel about my career and my team. We strive to learn, sharpen our skills and work tirelessly to create the best outcome for our clients.

At the Haven Group, translating our clients’ dreams into reality is like music to our ears.

We’re looking forward to working with you!