When you work with The Haven Group you get more than individual passions; you get that rare dynamic of complementary skills coming together to raise the bar in client service. Working together, we provide a safe, calm, yet highly innovative port in the storm of real estate activity.

From inside knowledge to outside vendors, we offer the kind of advice that makes the difference between good and AMAZING. Get to know us — read below!

John Solaegui

DRE 01398160


Settling in rural Nevada, my Basque immigrant and Mormon Pioneer parents and grandparents started with nothing and built a life for their family based on grit and good food.  I was excited at age 9 to discover a weekly column in the local newspaper called “Home of the Week” and I clipped and modified those floor plans. Later on, my family moved to Reno, where I completed a BS in Finance with honors. Making a leap to Silicon Valley after graduation, I joined an international consulting firm, then a Fortune 500 software company, and finally earned a Cal Berkeley MBA. My experience transforming a “fixer upper” into a stunning Pacific Heights Victorian reignited my childhood interest in real estate. Using my background in finance, project management, negotiation and problem-solving, I knew that real estate was my calling and I have never looked back.

I’m the kind of guy who loves getting up at 5:00 AM to go on a road trip, drive to a mountaintop to watch the sunrise, or finish a book before starting my day. When not negotiating deals, you’ll find me absorbed in the New Yorker magazine and the New York Times, listening to TED talks, or singing at church. Although I studied piano as kid, I can’t read music but I still see as many musicals and plays that I can manage.  I have a full season subscription to the SF Opera and you will see me sitting, listening and watching in the side terrace for 17 performances of the SF Symphony, awed by the musicians who hone their craft to perfection. Preventing homelessness and promoting education are my main nonprofit causes; and I support Compass Community Services, DeMarillac Academy, Holy Family Day Home, and St James School.

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Maitri Ratanasene

DRE 01733941

Sales Associate

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated with people and their stories.  I’m the kind of guy who will strike up a conversation with my seatmate on Muni, talk to everyone at a party and ask strangers in restaurants what delicious looking food they ordered.  I speak Thai, English, French and Spanish and love to practice at home and when I’m traveling. I’m a voracious reader, would much rather listen to music than watch TV., and enjoy almost nothing more than Salsa dancing.  Everyday events are often funny to me and I’m quick to make jokes and laugh, but I also have a quiet, calm side that I cherish. I spent a lot of my youth going to and living in a Buddhist monastery, and prayer and meditation play an important part of my life. When I’m not working, I’m probably walking my dogs with my partner in our neighborhood, the Inner Sunset, checking out a new restaurant, in a yoga studio or a sign language class, or enjoying BiRite’s Salted Caramel ice cream, my favorite!  I’m quick to make friends and you can be confident that I’m on great terms with the agent on the other side of a transaction.

Real estate is such a blessing for me.  I get to help people through a very important event in their lives and to do it well requires me to listen intently and share my honest feedback, even when it’s not positive. Discovering what our clients really want and helping them achieve that goal is deeply rewarding to me.  I moved here in 2005 after a short business trip and am grateful every day that this is where I call home. Helping others make San Francisco their home isn’t “work” for me, it’s fun.

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Ashley Henderson

DRE 01991403

Sales Associate

Native to the Bay Area, I have a unique and long history with San Francisco and the surrounding areas. From an early age, I remember feeling inspired, awestruck and captivated by the beauty in architecture and lifestyle San Francisco had to offer. That interest is what lead me to an Education at the Academy of Art University in Interior Architecture and Design. My love for homes along with my education gives me the ability to bring a wealth of knowledge in Bay Area Architecture and design aesthetic to my real estate practice. Applying my design knowledge and marketing expertise, I can come up with a custom marketing approach for each unique buyer and seller I represent - pulling inspiration from the home's characteristics and history, and with the personality of the seller/buyers I work with. I provide a professional and poised demeanor to my clients, and strive in each situation for my client to put their real estate needs in my hands with complete trust.

Prior to beginning my career as a Realtor, I successfully started my own interior design firm while working full-time as Associate of Business Development for an international architecture firm located in San Francisco. I am no stranger to working hard and doing what it takes to get the job done. My passion for this City and its future growth has my philanthropic activities focused on programs such as SPUR, CHEFS Episcopal Community Service, First Exposure and am a member of the Pacific Heights Neighborhood Association, where I live. I am always in the mood to give real estate advice or talk shop, so while you might find me running the Lyon St. steps in colorful leggings, training for my next triathlon or volunteering, you will always be met with a warm and welcoming smile.

Matthew Joseph

DRE 01849238

Operations Manager

Early on I showed signs of being an organizer, maybe a little too much. When I was ten I remember getting myself up, dressed and fed before the rest of the family even stirred. I would also say that I am a determined guy, I went from “barely able to jog a mile” to completing 4 full marathons. And I’m known for being adventurous; when given the chance, I will head for the airport and take off for parts unknown.

As a teenager, my first job was a receptionist at a local real estate brokerage. Drawn to San Francisco for its fresh ocean air, cultural diversity and beautiful topography, I chose to attend college here and pursued a career in real estate. Over my ten-year career, I have worn many hats, moving from assistant to transaction coordinator to an independent agent.

I am a true technophile (and Apple fanatic), that thrives on innovation. Innately meticulous, and a sucker for good research, I love checking things off my list. If the Haven Group were a house, I suppose you could say I am the foundation. Fully licensed and Head of Operations, I can show property and execute documents on the fly. No wonder I can actually juggle too. Really! My can-do attitude pairs nicely with my desire to optimize and organize the work around me.

Attentive from start to finish, you’ll find me involved in each transaction. Whether it’s facilitating staging, appraisals, inspections, documents, timelines, or broker tours. Ultimately, I am happiest when I can bring calm and clarity to those around me.

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