When you work with The Haven Group you get more than individual passions; you get that rare dynamic of complementary skills coming together to raise the bar in client service. Working together, we provide a safe, calm, yet highly innovative port in the storm of real estate activity.

From inside knowledge to outside vendors, we offer the kind of advice that makes the difference between good and AMAZING. Get to know us — read below!

John Solaegui, MBA

DRE 01398160


“Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.” - Langston Hughes

My enterprising immigrant and pioneer grandparents taught me the joy of learning and tenacity. I don’t seem to tire when I’m focused on a goal, whether it is mastering a new skill or negotiating a contract. Real estate is a perfect fit for me because I love working with people who share the dream of home ownership. I’m the kind of guy who rises at 5:30 AM for a brisk walk to watch the light come up over the San Francisco Bay, or push myself in the gym before starting my day. When not engaging with clients, you’ll find me absorbed in the New York Times, journaling or attending a live performance in our beautiful city.


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George Whitney

DRE 00625357

Sales Associate

"Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn't really do it, they just saw something and it seemed obvious to them after a while." ~ Steve Jobs

I thrive in the excitement of creating something new. This often manifests in developing novel solutions to clients’ problems. To me, the process of problem solving is as rewarding as the end result. I am always eager to work late into the night chasing a new idea. I am passionate about absorbing as much of the information around me as possible. Every day represents an incredible opportunity to learn, develop and try something new.


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Lance Bullerwell

DRE 02043410

Sales Associate

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

Talking real estate is always fun when I'm in the mix. I strive to give the insider
perception and take pride in always being transparent. Every engagement is not just
about making another deal but finding what is best for each client. I advocate for my
clients and keep them well informed throughout every step of the home buying or selling
process. I am here to build a community and long lasting relationships. Let's get a
beverage and chat!


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Phillip Nguyen

DRE 02114060

Sales Associate

"There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality." Anthony Robbins

With over 20 years of experience of being in the business of helping people matched with my passion for architecture and design, I have organically created a natural platform for my real estate career. I like to think of myself as a creative at heart with a business mindset. Important considerations that I make in representing and negotiating for my clients are results and building relationships. I have dedicated myself to working diligently to ensure that my client's goals are met and to guarantee that throughout the process they are heard and accommodated in every possible way.


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Chris Sanchez

DRE 02118495

Operations Manager

“Happiness is a choice that requires effort at times.” - Aeschylus

Having the opportunity to help clients is a privilege. As a homeowner myself, I know how big a decision it is to buy or sell a home. I feel fortunate to be part of a team like the Haven Group that cares deeply about each client and provides them with the needed support and expertise. For me, happiness comes from doing your best while treating people with respect. When I am not in the office, you can probably find me outdoors enjoying a walk around our beautiful city of San Francisco.


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Jessica Heyward

Transaction Coordinator

As a Real Estate Assistant and Transaction Coordinator, Jessica delivers strategic Business, Marketing, and Transactional support services to her clients throughout the Bay Area. Her philosophy holds firm to: Persistence, Perseverance, and Patience while embodying the ability to perform and adapt to the diverse needs of her clients. With a background in Technology, Finance, and Customer Service, Jessica specializes in applying her expertise, knowledge and unparalleled support to an industry-leading Brokerage serving hundreds of residential and commercial Real Estate Professionals.

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